What is Digital Mud Works?


We create digital files for your clay extruders. Buy, download and print on a 3D printer. All files have been printed and tested. Install into your extruder and explore a variety of possibilities for your next clay project.


Artist Karen Atkinson began creating files for her students and got carried away. Using it as an excuse to learn more 3D modeling skills, and a possible retirement fund, this project was born in 2015. One thing led to another and Digital Mud Works was created. This is a crazy bunch of ideas that I am sure artists will figure out how to use. Perhaps you will find it, and try something out of the ordinary. So finally launching in 2016, these files are for you. The school she teaches at does not yet have a 3D printer, but most schools do.


Send me images of the work you make with any of these extruder dies and I will consider posting it on our gallery page with a link to your website. Don't have one? Get crackin'!


Send me an email and let me know how it worked for you, any suggestions, requests etc. to here.


If you are an artist who is looking for professional practices information, there are tons of free articles and forms at www.gyst-ink.com. Look under Resources and choose Professional Practices. I also create software to keep track of all your artwork and manage your art life. But that is another project.