DigitalMudWorks Launches in March 2016

DigitalMudWorks is a project by artist Karen Atkinson, who has created hundreds of 3D printing files for your clay extruder. Created as dies for 2inch extruder dies, it also will 3D print a die holder for other machines.  

The concept is simple:

• browse the many files on the DigitalMudWorks website

• purchase a file for .99.

• download the printing file

• upload to your 3D printer and print the file.

Most 2in dies print in around 20 minutes depending on your printer settings.

Then take the die to your studio and extrude shapes for your studio practice.

Most schools now have 3D printers, and many individuals do as well. This makes it easy for faculty and students to experiment will all kinds of extruder shapes, allowing unlimited access to complex shapes.

The project will be announced at The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference in Kansas City in March, 2016.

See our About Us page for additional information, as well as our ongoing gallery of project made with these extruder dies.