creative digital files for your 3D printer, specifically for clay extruders.

Just because an extruder die is listed under a specific category, you should be creative and use them in a variety of ways. Rims can become feet, coils can be added to anywhere and feet can be used in other ways. If you have a specific request, let us know. If you need something custom designed and I have time, I can do that for you.



To use digital technology as a resource for clay artists to help make life easier and add variety to a studio practice.

If you figure out a way to use them for another medium, we would love to hear from you.

who is behind this endeavor

Karen Atkinson is an artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA, USA. She has taught at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) since 1988, and recently started a Ceramics Class called Critical Ceramics. Karen began this project for her students, got carried away, and decided that this is something she wish she has access to, so she created all these files, printed them on a 3D printer so they are fully tested. She is thinking of expanding this project to include files created by other artists that are different that what is already in the planning stages or already included on this site. For details, contact her at


I also run a company called Getting Your Sh*t Together that provides information and resources for artists of all kinds. I have created software to help run your art life, whether you are a gallery based or social practice or community based artist. We also have publications for artists and those who teach professional practices such as universities, colleges and organizations. We also have lots of free resources and services for artists. To check it out, go to


I have a large collection of every kind of ceramics production I can find on Pinterest, called Critical Ceramics. While I created this for my students and other artists, feel free to check it out HERE.

Wow, I downloaded a file, printed it in under an hour, and was able to extrude a variety of forms for my newest clay project. This site is fabulous for those of us looking for new ideas for clay.
— Susan, Clay Artist

What We've Achieved

We have produced a variety of extruder dies and add more every day.

From small hand held 2in extruder dies to larger dies for a variety of machines.

Please be patient while we get up to speed and add more files.